Mireille Galinou

I actively collected contemporary pictures for the Museum of London’s collection and initiated a programme of exhibitions focused around contemporary artists. The most important projects were from left to right


David HEPHER – ‘Streets in the Sky’ – (1996). Hepher has dedicated his London work to the subject of housing – from the middle class suburban villas of early paintings to the inner city tower blocks which followed.


Robert SODEN the art of the Jubilee Line (1999)


Arturo DI STEFANO: his London Paintings were brought together in an exhibition entitled ‘Portrait of a city’ (2000)


ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCES schemes: Mao Wen Biao to accompany the exhibition Artists’ London (1993), Timo Lehtonen to accompany the exhibition curated by Nick Merriman ‘The Peopling of London’ (1994); Jonny Boatfield to accompany David Hepher’s exhibition ‘Streets in the Sky’ (1996)


John BARTLETT History Painting, 1993/4 (below)

© John Bartlett/Courtesy Museum of London










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The artist David Hepher in front of 'Camberwell Nocturne'

painted in 1984 © Museum of London


Arturo Di Stefano, 'South Bank' 1994

© A. Di Stefano/ Courtesy Museum of London


Mao Wen Biao, 'Islands and Sea', 1993

© wbmao2006@yahoo.co.uk/ Courtesy Museum of London