Mireille Galinou




Excerpt from a review of City Merchants and the Arts in the London Journal, Vol. 29, No 2, 2004:


Reading a volume like this makes one realise how boring the financial history of the City of London must be for the general reader, focusing as it does on institutions, markets and business. Instead, this is a book where people come alive through their possessions, where there is a profusion of illustrations relevant to the text, and where historical research is more detective work than the product of dry business records and the application of economic analysis. The result is a book that pleases both the eye and the brain. The editor has also to be congratulated in creating out of disparate conference papers a volume that is both coherent and varied’. Ranald Michie



My book 'Cottages and Villas – The Birth of the Garden Suburb' won the 2013 John Brinckerhoff Jackson Book Prize, given by the Foundation for Landscape Studies (New York)



One of the reasons why this book is destined to become the definitive history of St John’s Wood is that it is the first to be based on a systematic study of the Eyre Estate archive, an archive which Mireille herself catalogued before starting work on this magnum opus.

Mike Wood, St Marylebone Newsletter


Mireille Galinou is to be congratulated on sifting the results of her extensive research into the Eyre archive and collating them into beautifully illustrated chapters devoted to every aspect of the history of the area.

Michael Pick, Apollo


… a first-rate urban biography, one which will certainly become the definitive history of the area.

Elizabeth McKellar, The Victorian


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